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Identifying Pigmentation in Black Skin

July 21, 2014

  Pigmentation is something that affects a fair number of people and some of its manifestations are something we barely notice. For instance, freckles are a good example of pigmentation at its most common. However, when pigmentation occurs in black skin it is often more noticeable and more of a problem for those who experience […]

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Skin Lightening Obsession

August 19, 2013
Black Skin

The latter part of the 20th Century has seen the ideals of beauty  shifted from the Jane Austen period of powdered white reflections to the tanned holiday kissed looks of Jessica Alba. It appears, more and more people aspire (perhaps on a subconscious level) for what is current. Very much like the times before us, […]

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Keloid scars and how to get rid of them

August 27, 2012

All of us have scars, which are the result of the skin’s healing process after cuts, burns, acne, abrasions or other types of damage occur to the skin. However, some people are unlucky enough to develop keloid scars, which can be much more difficult to live with. What are keloid scars? Keloid scars are the […]

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Pigmentation problems in black skin require specialist laser treatment

August 18, 2012

The physiology of black skin is very different to lighter skin tones, and it may be more vulnerable to some skin conditions. One of these is hyper-pigmentation, which can be caused by damage to the surface of the skin. If you have acne, or have experienced scratches, scars, shaving bumps or other damage to the […]

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Laser treatments for black skin

July 17, 2012

In its infancy, laser treatment wasn’t able to treat people with darker skin effectively or safely. The main problem was that the pathophysiology of ethnic and darker skin is very different to white Caucasian skin, and the same laser treatments can’t be used for everyone. Now that skincare and laser treatment specialists have a better […]

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Making sure you are picture perfect

May 3, 2012

Every bride dreams of looking her best on the day she marries; The Laser Treatment Clinic can help you achieve this with a range of effective treatments: • Ensure you really are a blushing bride with a radiant glow by treating yourself to a microdermabrasion. A deep exfoliation will remove damaged and dry superficial layers […]


Has acne left you with hyper pigmented scars ?

April 21, 2012

Acne can continue to cause distress even long after the inflamed spots have subsided. For in their wake, the infected pustules and papules can leave behind pitted depressions in the skin as well as post-inflammatory changes to colour. This darker skin can fade gradually over time, although, for some, exposure to the sun can cause […]


Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation in black skin

April 14, 2012

When black skin is damaged by injury, inflammation or a skin condition the healing process kicks in in order to repair the tissue. This process can result in an increased production of melanin around the site of the injury, causing localised darkening of the skin. Unfortunately, this can make the affected area more noticeable and […]

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Treating pigmentation problems in black skin

April 5, 2012

Excessive pigmentation can cause cosmetic problems in skins of all colours and hues, although black skin can be especially vulnerable to developing problems with hyper pigmentation. When black skin is damaged, whether as a result of cuts or accidents, spots or rashes, it can darken as it heals, leaving the site of damage more pigmented […]

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Safe pigmentation treatment for black skin

January 20, 2012

Black skin can be vulnerable to hyper pigmentation following injury or inflammation. Even relatively small lesions, such as those caused by spots or scratches can result in much darker areas of skin on the site of the injury that can be noticeable in contrast with the surrounding skin. These marks tend to take a long […]

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