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How body art techniques affect removal treatments

August 21, 2014
Tatto - Man unhappy with tattoo

  Body art and the practice of decorating or ornamenting the body using various means has been adopted by many different cultures over the years. The majority of body painting techniques are only temporary or semi-permanent and so can easily be removed at any time. However, it is the permanent tattoo as a form of […]

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Fixing that holiday ink error

June 23, 2014
Holiday ink

Summer holidays are responsible for all sorts of mistakes! We all let our guard down when we are abroad, enjoying the sun, sand and sea, but some decisions are more permanent than others. One of the most lasting mistakes people make on holiday – and it’s not just young people who make this mistake – […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal – a safe and successful solution

December 16, 2013
tattoo removal

Many of us consider getting a tattoo at some point in our life. Often, this decision is a spontaneous one leaving little time to consider the risks involved and whether the tattoo is in fact desirable or not. Most tattoos are professionally applied by registered tattooist under sanitary conditions. However, even today, a large number […]

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Determining whether or not to have a tattoo removed

April 8, 2013

For the last number of years the tattoo industry has gone from strength to strength. Tattoos are often seen as a form of expression among different social groups. They have become something of a fashion statement as well as a way of commemorating personal milestones, events, feelings and so on. There is nothing wrong with […]

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The 4 most regrettable celebrity tattoos

August 30, 2012

Many people regret getting tattoos, even celebrities. Luckily, laser tattoo removal treatment is on hand to remove even the most famous and widely known tattoo mistakes, such as these: 1. Angelina Jolie’s ‘Billy Bob’ tattoo This A-list Hollywood actress may love tattoos, but she wasn’t so happy about having her ex-husbands name tattooed on her […]

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Laser tattoo removal FAQs pt.2

August 24, 2012

It is normal to have questions before undergoing any kind of procedure, especially one that is relatively new like laser tattoo removal treatment. In the first part of this guide, we answered questions relating to how laser tattoo removal can permanently remove tattoos, as well as how much it costs. Let’s look at a few […]

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Laser tattoo removal FAQs pt.1

August 24, 2012

Laser treatment is now available to remove permanent tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colours. So, if you have a tattoo that you now regret and you want to make a fresh start, you can use the treatment to remove all trace of it. It is understandable to have questions before undergoing laser tattoo removal […]

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US reality star Kailyn Lowry undergoes tattoo removal treatment

August 17, 2012

According to the celebrity gossip website Celebrity Radar, the US reality TV star Kailyn Lowry has undergone laser tattoo removal treatment to erase an inking that she had done on impulse. Lowry, who is the star of the hit US reality show Teen Mom 2, has a number of tattoos. However, she appears to have […]

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Laser tattoo removal is even suitable for permanent make-up tattoos

August 15, 2012

Cosmetic semi-permanent and permanent tattoos are becoming very common these days. The main reason for their popularity is because they save the person a great deal of time in applying make-up every day. If you wear the same eye liner, lip liner, lip stick or other make-up products all the time, cosmetic tattoos are suitable […]

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Tattoo mistakes can now be rectified with a new treatment

August 13, 2012

Have you had a tattoo done, only to get home and find that a word has been spelled incorrectly? Or maybe you had a word or phrase tattooed in a foreign language and the translation is wrong? You may also have had a tattoo done by an inexperienced tattoo artist, who has made a complete […]

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