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Laser Tattoo Removal

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Tattoo removal has become more popular over time as previous body artwork has faded or become a hindrance and unsightly. Thankfully, having an unwanted tattoo is a problem which can be safely, painlessly and professionally solved. Here at Laser Treatment Clinic, we’re award-winning specialists in laser tattoo removal, with over 17 years practice and experience at our Harley St Clinic.

Our cutting edge laser treatment is highly effective in clearing unwanted tattoos, leaving the skin healthy and clear again with permanent results. Our advanced Laser Tattoo Removal system is very effective in erasing all types of unwanted body art, semi-permanent make-up & microblading (another form of semi-permanent make-up on eyebrows). The Laser Treatment Clinic uses cutting edge advanced Nd Yag Laser treatment coupled with advanced Marine Skincare, which is the gold standard for removal of amateur and professional tattoos and semi-permanent makeup. Treatments are available on most shapes, sizes and skin colours, in order to remove any unwanted tattoos you may have. Lasers may be used on all tattoo types such as professional, amateur, cosmetic and semi-permanent make up tattoos. Black coloured tattoos respond faster to laser treatment than multi-coloured tattoos.

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