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How to Avoid Hyperpigmentation

January 8, 2020
Like most issues, hyperpigmentation is far easier to prevent than it is to treat. While it isn’t a harmful skin condition, hyperpigmentation is something most individuals wish to avoid due to it often looking unsightly. Thankfully there are some simple steps you can take guard yourself against the most common factors of hyperpigmentation, and help… Read More...

Anti-ageing Skin Care Tips

September 14, 2019
Are you worried about the appearance of your skin as you get older? If so, you are not alone. Most of us want to look as young and as fresh-faced as possible, even when our skin starts to age. To help stave off the effects of ageing on the skin and keep looking as young… Read More...
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Myths About Treating Acne Scars

December 14, 2018
Acne scarring can often remain as a painful reminder long after your active acne has cleared up. Finding a way to treat it can be a difficult journey with so much conflicting information on the internet about different home remedies and quick fixes. To help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make, in… Read More...

Why You Should Be Using the Zaheda Skincare Range

July 5, 2019
Taking care of your skin is vital for maintaining a smooth texture and youthful glow. Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we know just how big of an impact good skin can have on your self-esteem, and how important it is that you take proper care of it. This is why we developed our exclusive… Read More...

The Power of Marine Botanical Skincare

July 5, 2019
Skincare is big business with companies always looking for the next big thing, the latest developments, and the most powerful ingredients. While these innovations are what can help set products apart in a competitive environment, it can be difficult for consumers to figure out which products they should be using. In reality, scientifically backed formulations… Read More...
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Anti-Ageing: Why Skin Rejuvenation Starts at Home

September 27, 2018
When it comes to anti-ageing and how we can delay the effects that time has on our skin, many of us think of professional skin rejuvenation treatments and a trip to a skincare clinic. However, if you’re serious about giving back your skin a youthful look, your anti-ageing efforts should start at home with your… Read More...

Medical Treatments. How Can I Stop My Face From Ageing?

September 2, 2018
“How can I stop my face from ageing?” is a question we often get asked by our clients. While there is no way to stop the ageing process, there are steps you can take to prevent premature ageing. In our latest blog, we’ll run you through the professional treatments you can use to slow down the… Read More...

Skin Care Products For Dry Skin

February 2, 2018
Dry skin can be tricky to deal with, particularly during winter when the cold weather only exacerbates your tight and flaky skin. While dry skin is often good in the sense that it causes fewer breakouts than other skin types, it can lead to early ageing of the skin and the appearance of fine lines… Read More...
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Skin Care Products For Oily Skin

January 24, 2018
Having oily skin can be frustrating, and controlling shine throughout the day and avoiding clogging your pores can be very tricky. There are benefits to having such a skin type, however. Oily skin tends to be better hydrated than other skin types, and can help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles later in life.… Read More...

Black Skin Care: Pigmentation Treatment

August 4, 2017
Pigmentation treatment is needed for Hyperpigmentation or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) which causes skin darkening and discolouration to appear as spots or large patches on the body sometimes after inflammation caused by a burn or scar. This is caused by the excess production of the skin pigment melanin, and rather than spread it evenly across… Read More...