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Laser Hair Removal For Women Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I first visited the clinic a couple of years ago and have since been having treatments. The service and staff here are amazing, they not only give you a professional service but are always friendly. What I liked mainly about the Laser treatment clinic is the laser therapist dealing with my treatment. She made sure on every session she gave me the best service she could possibly provide. She made me feel comfortable during my time there and due to that I believe I received very good results from my treatment. Im looking forward to booking my next treatment very soon.

Zarah Taj, Essex

Asian skkn type

Did hair removal on my lower legs to sort out my ingrown hairs. No more ingrown hairs, no more hair and no more of the stubble feel. I'm happy I decided to do this and now I can wear summer skirts.

Leanne Johnson, London

Been to a few places before coming here, the staff were very friendly, the treatment worked like a dream and was pain free. HIghly recomend it. Thks Guys :) AAAAAA+++++++++++++++

Anonymous, London

Excellent service, very friendly and professional. Results have exceeded my expectation.

Sarah Tots, London

Love it !!

Gabriella Tutuianu, London

Friendly, reliable, clean and above all really great results. Staff are just fab!

Jyoti Gewal, London

Asian skin type

I suffered from ingrown hairs after having my bikini waxed. After having just 6 treatments my bikini area is permanently clear and there are no more ingrown hairs to worry about. I am now having treatment on my under arms and legs. I would recommend this treatment and clinic to anyone. Especially if you're too busy to waste time and money forever on temporary methods. Ive rated then 5 stars as that has been my experience of the quality of treatment and service I recieved here. I found them to be very professional. Just as you would expect from a harley street clinic providinng these services.

Alison. London

Caucasian skin type

I had lost all my confidence after suffering from excessive hair growth on my face. I had tried all the methods possibly available and actually made the problem worse. I had heard about Laser and thought I would give it a try. I was told that due to my hormonal reasons I would require 2-3 times more treatments than average and possibly only achieve 50-60% results. Now 12 treatments later my hair is about 70% reduced and what is left is finer and softer, more feminine.

Ms R. London

Asian skin type

I am Asian. My method of removing facial hair was threading and tweezing. I didn’t realise that this method actually stimulated more hair growth and was the cause of my ingrown hairs. I went to The Laser Treatment Clinic and had 9 treatments. I am very happy with my results!

Hannah. London

Asian skin type

Typically I've never had very dark hair problems aside from a few hairs on my chin, abdomen line and chest. I've been plucking these hairs for as long as I remember but stopped when told this would encourage more hairs to grow. I decided to try laser treatment and now I'm never having to tediously pluck my hairs every few day. I don't have stubble anymore and my chin and other areas feel very smooth and hair free.

Alex. London

Mediterranean skin type