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Scar Removal & Treatment Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I've always had the same lovely consultant who knows my skin which is important to me. She has done a wonderful job removing the pigmented scars on my cheeks.

Fatima. London

Asian skin type

I have been having medical microdermabrasion treatments at the laser treatment clinic for stretchmarks on my chest, shoulder and inner arm. I have also been having treatments on my face for scarring, hyper-pigmentation and pore reduction. After having 9 treatments for my stretchmarks, I have noticed a significant reduction in their appearance, the stretchmarks on my chest were very vivid prior to treatment and now having completed a course of 12 treatments they are almost completely invisible and I am extremely happy with my results. I am now able to wear strapless and low cut tops with confidence which I was never able to do before. I have completed 6 treatments of medical microdermabrasion on my face so far and now have a reduced oily appearance throughout the day, my skin is is a lot more smoother and I have a more even complexion. I will continue to have more treatments on my face and will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wishing to treat scarring and stretchmarks. You can surely expect to see results after time and taking the recommended number of treatments. The staff are also very friendly, they provide you with realistic expectations and advice on how to care for your skin after each treatment.

Joselyn Secker, London

Afrocarribean skin type

I suffered from a burn mark on my arm which left a large dark patch. It probably wouldn't bother many people, but it bothered me. I've had 7 medical diamond microdermabrasion treatments and use the ultra light derma white lightening cream and the mark is now gone. I would say I've had a pretty successful experience at the clinic.

Andrea. London

Caucasian skin type

I came to the clinic to remove scars and marks on my knees and arms from falling off my bike. I waited before having them treated but they didn't seem to improve very much. So now post treatment, the arms and knees are much lighter and blend in with the rest of my skin tone.

Sultana. London

Asian skin type

Friendly, polite and know their stuff. The service I received was excellent and the aftercare I was advised really help speed up my recovery to enable me to continue my sessions quickly and with hardly any discomfort.

Matt Dawes, London

Caucasian skin type

I have a few keloid scars due to the way my skin healed after an operation. I didn’t heal very well. My main concern was reducing the depth of the keloids as much as possible. These have now flattened almost to the rest of my skin level. In addition, the red pigment on the area has faded. I will probably continue to have a few more sessions and continue using the marine boost super serum. I'm very happy with the services and my results.

Sophie. London

Caucasian skin type