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Stretch Marks Treatment Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I have been having medical diamond dermabrasion treatments at the laser treatment clinic for stretchmarks on my chest, shoulder and inner arm. I have also been having treatments on my face for scarring, hyper-pigmentation and pore reduction. After having 9 treatments for my stretchmarks, I have noticed a significant reduction in their appearance, the stretchmarks on my chest were very vivid prior to treatment and now having completed a course of 12 treatments they are almost completely invisible and I am extremely happy with my results. I am now able to wear strapless and low cut tops with confidence which I was never able to do before. I have completed 6 treatments of medical microdermabrasion on my face so far and now have a reduced oily appearance throughout the day, my skin is is a lot more smoother and I have a more even complexion. I will continue to have more treatments on my face and will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wishing to treat scarring and stretchmarks. You can surely expect to see results after time and taking the recommended number of treatments. The staff are also very friendly, they provide you with realistic expectations and advice on how to care for your skin after each treatment.

Joselyn Secker, London

Afrocarribean skin type

I was very embarrassed about the Stretch marks on my breast. I had them from about 15 years ago. I had just 6 treatments at the laser treatment clinic coupled with the marine boost super serum and now my skin is smooth and clear. I can now wear all those lovely fashionable tops with confidence. I was almost in tears, I was so happy.

Jane. Kent

Caucasian skin type

Had Stretch marks on my tummy and lost a lot of my confidence due to it. I had 9 treatments at the laser treatment clinic and their advanced marine skin science skincare products and now feel so happy with the way my body looks. Thanks laser treatment clinic.

Karen. London

Afrocarribean skin type

I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and was left with ugly stretch marks on my stomach. Some of them were still red and others had faded to a medium brown, darker than my skin tone. After a course of 9 treatments combined with the marine boost super serum’, the red ones have completely cleared and the brown ones have reduced by about 70%. This makes me very happy because this summer I can go to the beach and wear a two piece without feeling self conscious.

Kate. London

Caucasian skin type

I had many old white stretch marks from when I was a girl and I still had most of them up until last winter. They were on the tops of my arms and I didn't wear sleeveless tops. I had 12 treatments combined with the skin healing marine boost super serum and although I was told they would not go completely. I've seen enough improvement that I've now invested in a new wardrobe for the summer. It has given me back so much confidence and freedom to play with my clothes.

Seema. London

Asian skin type