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Sun Damage Treatment Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I was amazed my treatment and products worked so fast. After my first visit there was a marked improvement. The large dark sunspots on my face peeled off.

Elizabeth Boley. London

Asian skin type

I had too many freckles on my skin and more seem to pop up each year. So last winter, I decided to do something about it. My friend recommended the Laser Treatment Clinic as she has been going to them for years. I had quite an interesting treatment. The freckles first went darker and then eventually flaked off. The results are startling as I once thought nothing could be done for freckles. My experience with the clinic has always been pleasant. Always accommodating and smiling.

Alice. London

Caucasian skin type

I wanted to do a laser treatment for sun damage/brown spots on my hands. Over the years more and more "sun spots" were coming out and making my hands look older than I liked. I was concerned about the procedure having some discomfort, but to my surprise I was comfortable through the treatment. The spots do darken and then will slough off. It's great that with this treatment there is no "down time". I am thrilled that I won't have these spots anymore.

Heather. Kent

Caucasian skin type

I had very sun-damaged décolletage and hands after years of sun bathing and not much sun care, having had just 6 treatments of the LTC Advanced Intense Pulsed Light treatment combined with using the derma white, the sea polish and the marine boost super serum at home. I am amazed with the results. I now have a much clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin. I feel I have reversed the damaged and gone back to the way my skin was years ago. I will continue using their skincare products to maintain these fantastic results.

Sarah. Kent.

Caucasian skin type