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Laser Hair Removal For Asian & Black Skin


With our 18 years experience at our Harley Street clinic when it comes to laser hair removal we are experienced with all skin and hair types. We specialise in Laser Hair Removal for Asian, Arabic and Black African skin, offering the perfect solution to unwanted hair and ingrown hairs on problematic areas such as the face, neck, cheeks, under-arms, bikini, buttocks, chest, back, legs and body. Once your course is complete, our laser hair removal treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling naturally smooth and hair free.

At the Laser Treatment Clinic we specialise in laser hair removal for darker skin types. Lighter pale skin is more suited to laser hair removal and darker skin types tends to be more sensitive. However the highest number of clients for laser hair removal are darker skin types and we have successfully treated thousands of clients with darker skin tones over the past 17 years.

The Laser Treatment Clinic’s sophisticated advanced laser hair removal technology allows the clinician greater flexibility making the treatment much more successful than ever before and on a much wider range of skin tones and with a wider range of applications, therefore solving the problem for good.

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