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Laser Hair Removal For Men


For many men, unwanted hair is a serious concern. Whether it’s a result of hirsutism, or simply a desire to have skin which looks immaculately sleek and smooth, The Laser Treatment Centre have you covered. If you’re aged 16+, our skilled and experienced team are able to treat anyone.

We offer specialised laser hair removal treatment for men in London using a safe, essentially painless method. Our Laser Practitioner will guide you through the steps of your treatment plan. We begin by applying cooling gel to your treatment area, before using our laser light pulses with a sapphire crystal. Whilst you might feel mild stinging or tingling during this process, our advanced technology makes it as painless as possible.

We’re committed to giving you the best, in every aspect of our laser hair removal treatment. That’s why LTC offer you a free consultation with our skin experts. It’s also why we tailor your treatment plan to fit your schedule and your skin. To start your journey to handsome, hair-free skin, drop us a message below or call us on 020 7307 8712.

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