I’d used their services and I’m satisfied with the results. I went there for a birth marks treatment and now there is no sign of the birthmark. The experts will solve your problems. I’m planning to go for a pigmentation removal treatment soon.

Laura H


I am currently having Derma White treatment for the hyper-pigmentation on my both cheeks. During the first course of treatment, I didn’t notice a massive change. However, after my second course of treatment, I began to see the return of my clear skin, so I decided to carry on to the next course of treatment which I am still currently having. I recommend the laser treatment clinic to each and every one of you who has a similar skin problem. It is not only the Derma White treatment that I am pleased with, but also the staff are very approachable & delivered such excellent customer service. Most specially my therapist, who is in charge of my laser treatment, is very warm welcoming & she always makes me feel very relaxed & comfortable during the treatment. Check back to read the incoming testimonies as I will keep you informed about my final result once my course of treatment is finished. In the mean time, why don’t you give their professional consultant a ring or pay their clinic a visit for a free consultation!!! 🙂

Emma C
Caucasian skin type


I first visited the clinic a couple of years ago and have since been having treatments. The service and staff here are amazing, they not only give you a professional service but are always friendly. What I liked mainly about the Laser treatment clinic is the laser therapist dealing with my treatment. She made sure on every session she gave me the best service she could possibly provide. She made me feel comfortable during my time there and due to that I believe I received very good results from my treatment. Im looking forward to booking my next treatment very soon.

Asian skin type

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