I had a course of 9 treatments for my stretch marks. They are maybe 20 years old now. That sounds like a lot of treatments, this is what I thought but my stretch marks are very big and deep. To be honest, I could have had more treatments but I thought they looked a lot better already and I am pleased with this improvement. I can wear short sleeves tops now. My daughter had hair removal on her nipples and under her arms and her hair has gone. we might all have different speeds of improvement, because even the stretch marks on my right arm cleared better than the left arm but I didnt feel any difference in the way the therapist treated them both. I think the clinic was good for us. They tried to help me without selling me a lie. The therapist are a mixture of english and foreign but both speak fluent english, I understood them. That is my two pence.



Just love not having to worry about shaving my back. Was never easy. Thank you!

Caucasian skin type


Been having my tattoo treatment with this clinic and it’s cleared up very nicely. Had an awful tattoo when I was 18 and drunk and have regretted it ever since. It was in a discrete area but I still hated having to see it my self. 9 months later, my tattoo has cleared. The price was affordable especially given the size of the tattoo was big. The clinic staff were always friendly and made me feel comfortable when I first didn’t know what to expect. Hopefully won’t have to come back here for any more mistake tattoos but might come back for some anti-ageing in future.

Caucasian skin type

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