Ultra Smooth Sea Polish exfoliator scrub for All Skin Types – 30ml


This highly concentrated ultra-fine exfoliator contains an exclusive complex of marine actives, botanical actives and essential oils. Sloughs off dead skin cells, actively smoothing and refining to reveal a smoother skin texture and a brighter more vibrant skin complexion. Perfecting skin’s appearance like never before. Absorbs impurities, eliminates toxins and dirt, balances oil and sebum production. Prepares the skin for the ultimate absorption of moisturiser and lightening creams. Doubles up as a mask.

Features & details

Formulated by Harley Street Skin Expert Zaheda Hafez

The No1 choice of skin care professionals

Leaves the skin smoother, brighter more radiant

Infused with the finest marine actives, botanical actives and essential oils

Made in Great Britain

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