1 in 10 Europeans suffers from rosacea

Posted on 12 Nov, 2011

Rosacea can cause people terrible problems, not least because it often goes undetected or is misdiagnosed. The persistent redness can be an embarrassment, as sufferers look constantly flushed, and others often mistakenly link this to excessive consumption of alcohol.

In severe cases, the fleshy part of the nose can become enlarged and red and can cause significant distress. Rosacea comes and goes, but it is a chronic skin condition that cannot be cured, simply controlled.

It is important for people to understand just how to control the condition, as well as to recognise the triggers that cause it to flare up. Triggers are specific to individuals, although common ones include alcohol, spicy food, harsh weather conditions or heat. It is important to establish personal triggers as soon as the condition has been recognised.

While it cannot be cured, rosacea treatment can help to improve the appearance and reduce the associated redness. IPL is very effective at dealing with thread veins, these tiny blood vessels beneath the skin that by remaining dilated, cause the face to have this flushed appearance.

IPL heats the veins up to around 60°C, causing the cells lining the vessel walls to denature. Once this happens, the vessels collapse and disintegrate, reducing the redness of the face.