20% of Brits think sunburn leads to a better tan

Posted on 03 May, 2012

Tanning company St Tropez have carried out a survey of the Brits and their attitudes to tanning to coincide with Sun Awareness Week, which runs from 30th April to 6th May. And the results have revealed some worrying ideas:

• One fifth of Brits believe that getting sunburned will result in a better tan

• A huge number of people believe that the sun in the UK is not as strong as abroad, meaning they never apply sunscreen when in the UK

• 85% of eighteen to twenty-four year olds never apply sun cream if they spend their lunch break outside in the sun

• 34% of men won’t wear sun cream if they are sun bathing in the UK

• 20% of Brits say they feel under pressure to come home from a holiday with a tan

It would seem that more education is needed to raise awareness of the folly of these ideas. A tan may look great in the short term, but the damage it does can last a lifetime. Sun damage and skin rejuvenation can help with the premature signs of ageing, but the real risk is, of course, cancer.