3 Things You Might Not Know About Laser Hair Removal in Black Skin

Posted on 09 Apr, 2016

Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair problems across the face and body; it is a safe, virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair and ingrown hairs. It is a treatment that is common through men and women; with the most common areas usually being the legs, areas across the face, underarms and chest and back.

At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we specialise in skincare treatments for those with darker skin, including Asian, Black African and Arabic skin; giving you expert advice on the best course of treatments for your skincare issues. Here are 3 things you might not know about laser hair removal in black skin.

1.    It DOES Work!

There is a common misconception that laser hair removal is not effective in those with darker skin. Whilst there is an element of truth to this, as this type of treatment is most effective in those with light skin with dark hair, and people with blonde, grey or red hair often struggle as the laser targets the pigment in the hair, not the skin.

However, at The Laser Treatment Clinic, our highest number of clients for laser hair removal are those with darker skin, having successfully treated our clients after devising effective treatments and aftercare to ensure laser hair removal is a long-lasting, effective solution to your unwanted hair problems.

2.    You Should Still Stay Out Of The Sun

Even with dark skin, the sun can damage the area and the hair follicles in the skin, making it even more difficult for the laser to pick up. Therefore, it is vital that you stay out of the sun before your visit to The Laser Treatment Clinic, this also includes using sunbeds, fake tan etc. if you want to achieve optimum results from your course it is vital that you keep your skin moisturised and in a healthy condition.

3.    Do Not Wax, Tweeze or Epilate The Area

Waxing, tweezing and epilating your skin removes the hair follicle, making it difficult for the laser to remove it, and it can then grow back the same. However, it is advisable that you shave the area before you come for your treatment so the laser can work to its optimum levels.

Everybody is different, and that’s why at The Laser Treatment Clinic we have skincare specialists who are understanding and conscientious to your needs and requirements. We will recommend a course of treatments specific to your needs.

Contact us today to begin your journey to permanently smooth skin!