1. You had it done on impulse. Many people have made the mistake of getting a tattoo done either as a dare or on a whim, without thinking the consequences through first. It is not unusual for these people to feel tattoo regret rather quickly.
2. It no longer represents who you are. We all change as time goes by, and while our opinions and outlook on life can evolve dramatically, our tattoos don’t. This can lead to embarrassment or even shame.
3. It is an unpleasant reminder of the past. Tattoos dedicated to romantic partners are always a risk. Relationships can fail, and the tattoos can become a permanent reminder of unhappy times.
4. It is hard to hide. While tattoos have become more socially acceptable over the years, they can still be frowned upon in certain professional contexts, particularly if they are not kept hidden under clothing. This is a common reason for tattoo removal.
5. It went wrong. Many examples of tattoo mistakes can be found on the internet; from spelling or translation mistakes to designs that have been badly executed, botched tattoos can be an embarrassment.
6. It is too hard to cover. Some people have their tattoos covered up with a new, larger design, but sometimes this just isn’t possible.