A growing problem: keloid scars

Posted on 30 Jan, 2012

Keloid scars develop when skin has become damaged and the body’s healing process kicks in. An excessive production of collagen causes the scar tissue to grow beyond the original site of injury to form a nodule that can be significantly larger than the damaged skin.

These nodules can be painful or itchy as well as unsightly, and they can cause great embarrassment or distress to those who develop them. Anyone can develop keloid scars, although people with darker skin may be at greater risk.

If you are prone to keloid scars it is important to avoid any damage to the skin, and this includes the piercing of ears or other body parts. It can also make surgical scar removal difficult, as surgical intervention can simply serve to provoke the appearance of further keloid scarring.

The Laser Treatment Clinic uses a combination of microdermabrasion, laser and ultra sound treatment to provide effective scar removal treatment. The microdermabrasion propels ultra fine medical grade crystals onto the skin, removing the cells of the superficial layers.

The laser then encourages the skin renewal process and collagen production, ensuring that the healthy new skin growing in the place of the old damaged skin is supple and elastic, with improved texture.