A look at the laser stretch mark removal procedure

Posted on 22 Apr, 2011

Stretch marks commonly occur after drastic weight loss or after pregnancy. There are a number of different lotions, oils and creams available to cure stretch marks. While these products can minimise the appearance of stretch marks, they cannot completely remove them. This is the time when opting for laser treatment for stretch mark removal is a wise decision.

The ugly looking stretch marks appear when the skin layer is stretched, torn or replaced with collagen or scar tissue. Even after the weight is lost or gained, the stretch marks still remain there. Stretch marks look like purplish or light pink threads. They can be seen on the upper arms, hips, thighs, belly and so on.

Although stretch marks are not a health hazard, many people consider them a cosmetic problem. Laser surgery is one way to lessen or completely eliminate the appearance of stretch marks. It is a simple procedure with no side effects.

The procedure

The laser treatment procedure uses highly-concentrated beams of laser light. This light is focused on the affected area to remove thin layers of the skin. The removal of affected skin layers also eliminates the scar tissue. Once the treatment is completed, the skin starts to heal itself immediately. Also, the formation of new skin over damaged tissue begins at the same time.

The time for laser treatment can take anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. This mostly depends on the severity of the stretch marks and the affected skin area. For complete removal, you might need to attend 4-6 treatment sessions. Being painless and affordable, laser stretch mark removal procedure is now preferred by many people.