A moment of madness leaves a 16 year old girl ‘branded’

Posted on 17 Jan, 2012

A sixteen year old girl from Wales caused a bit of a storm when she decided to have a tattoo done as a dare with her friends. Although she managed to hide it from her family for a couple of weeks, her mother was furious when she eventually found out and has tried to take the tattoo artist to court.

The tattoo artist has also lashed out, saying that he is the victim, as he was lied to regarding the girl’s age. It is illegal for someone under eighteen to have a tattoo, and the tattoo parlour in question will not be prosecuted because this information was clearly displayed. When the girl was asked about her age, she gave a fake date of birth.

The girl now has ‘100% Welsh Lamb’ tattooed onto her hip, which she says ‘is not feminine’ and ‘looks stupid’. She claims it was done during a ‘moment of madness’, and that she now cannot afford to have it removed. Her mother is outraged that her daughter has been ‘branded for life’.

Unfortunately, tattoo regret is not uncommon amongst those who have designs inked into their skin on a whim or on impulse.