A quick look at laser treatment for acne

Posted on 13 May, 2011

Acne is one of the major skin problems faced by many people across the globe. It is caused due to the blockage of skin pores. Blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and so on, are common problems associated with acne breakouts. To deal with this condition, a number of different treatments are available out there.

Enhancements in science and technology have led to one particularly fruitful remedy on acne removal – laser treatment for acne. This method greatly helps to alleviate the problem. Conventional ways of acne treatment used antibiotics, creams, lotions, and other expedients. However, these skin products do not offer the desired results frequently enough. This is why laser acne treatment is the perfect solution to cure acne problems.

Details of the procedure

As the name suggests, laser acne treatment uses laser light beams to focus on the affected skin surface. The doctor holds a laser pen and moves it forward and backward over the affected skin or acne scar. High intensity light emitted from the laser pen kills the bacteria from the affected areas. This also causes the oil glands beneath to become smaller.

The procedure also promotes the growth of new collagen which holds the body’s elastin. This not only helps to promote skin improvement, but also helps in eliminating acne scars to a great extent.