A safe laser treatment for dark skin

Posted on 15 Jul, 2010

It has always been a challenging task for laser surgeons to treat people with dark skin tones. Today, the advent of new technologies has eased situations for laser surgeons. People with dark skin can also opt for laser treatment methods such as laser hair removal, acne removal and stretch mark removal. People who have a dark skin tones due to pigmentation marks or scars can also undergo this treatment to reveal their fair skin hidden underneath those marks.


The procedure is executed by passing a highly controlled flow of medical grade fine crystals onto the skin with a device. You will only feel a scratching sensation. On completion of this process the laser technology is commenced.

Post treatment

After the laser treatment, the surface treated may have minor rashes. Inflammation or redness is an effect of fibroblast collagen leading to more elastic skin. The pressure applied is at the doctor’s judgment and may vary for each patient.

Healing time

Epidermis restoration takes about four to five days depending upon the duration of the treatment or depth of treatment. The doctor may give you some medicine and ointments to speed up the process of healing and accelerate tissue repair. With recurrent treatments you will notice a steady advancement in the texture of your skin and in its appearance.