If you suffer from active acne, you may feel incredibly isolated and have the impression that your problem is much worse than anyone else’s. When a skin condition like acne flares up, it can severely affect someone’s confidence thus making it even harder to talk to anyone about the problem or to seek treatment.

And yet, acne is a common skin problem. Even celebrities, who arguably have the resources to manage their skin problems, can be afflicted with active acne breakouts. Actors such as Brad Pitt have famously struggled with the condition of their skin throughout their adult life.

Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and others have all been photographed by the paparazzi at some stage, revealing either the tell-tale spots or the scars they leave behind.

Make up can help to camouflage problem skin to a certain extent, but we all know that make up needs to be refreshed during the day and can be hopeless at withstanding summer temperatures.

Active acne can, however, be treated using laser therapy to eliminate the bacteria that cause the spots in the first place. Scars too, can benefit from a combination of laser and microdermabrasion. Acne can affect anyone, and yet there are helpful treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of your skin.