Acne jab could be available in five years

Posted on 15 Nov, 2011

The world’s largest vaccine company is currently working on a vaccine that could change the way acne is treated forever.

Scientists working for Sanofi-Pasteur and the University of California, if successful, may be able to help those who suffer from this awful skin condition. Rather than targeting the bacteria that play such a huge role in the formation of acne, the jab will instead focus on eliminating a protein that contributes to the inflammation that occurs during an outbreak.

This is exciting news, both for the pharmaceutical company and those whose lives are made miserable by chronic inflammation and redness. The market for acne treatments is worth billions, and a treatment without the side-effects such as those attributed to Roaccutane would not struggle to find a demand.

In the meantime, however, eliminating those bacteria that cause the inflammation and infection can greatly improve the skin’s appearance and condition. The IPL technology is used to heat up and destroy these bacteria that can cause problems when they proliferate.

The heat also encourages the skin to renew itself and to heal any damage from previous cysts or swellings.