A balanced diet with the right amount of minerals and vitamins benefits the skin. Pollution, stress and eating disorders can have a negative impact on it, potentially resulting in acne.

However, a teenager’s skin is particularly prone to acne. This is due to the hormones that are released by the body at this time of life. Acne can be quite embarrassing and acne scars may be worse than the acne itself. These scars remain on the skin possibly resulting in low self esteem.

Laser acne treatment is a highly effective procedure that eliminates the acne without scarring. It is cost effective and is used by many adults.

Laser acne treatment

Lasers are focused on the affected part of the skin. As these beams are fine, they only target the part of the skin that needs treatment. The process is virtually painless and straightforward. The laser beams reduce the size of the pores and burn off the sebum producing glands in the skin.

You might have to undergo several treatment sessions for acne scars. Consult your surgeon for more information.

Acne laser treatment doesn’t usually have any side effects. Let your doctor know about any prescription medicines that you are taking. Certain medicines have to be discontinued prior to the procedure.

Once the laser acne treatment is done, enjoy the compliments you get for your beautiful looking skin.