An embarrassing spelling mistake

Posted on 08 Oct, 2011

Spelling mistakes can be a real disappointment if you have just had a new tattoo only to discover that it doesn’t say what you want it to. If the tattoo is written in a foreign language, then this may not cause too much of a problem, as those able to point out your mistake will be few and far between.

A London musician has found out the hard way, however, what can happen when your English tattoo is misspelt. Already proudly sporting ten tattoos, he wanted his eleventh to read ‘Sky’, for personal reasons.

Unfortunately, when he came out of the tattoo parlour, a tiny 3mm line had ruined his tattoo, which now read ‘Sry’… Reportedly devastated, the man returned to the tattoo parlour and decided to try and have the tattoo covered up, which is a common way to camouflage unwanted tattoos.

Things went from bad to worse, when he liked the cover-up tattoo even less than the first mistake.

It just goes to show that sometimes, mistakes can be made, and a tattoo may not turn out the way it was originally intended. In this case, laser tattoo removal could have faded the offending 3mm line, but instead, the result was an even bigger mess…

The musician is now reportedly seeking a further ‘fix’ for his tattoo at a parlour in Spain, at a cost of £800.