Are your tattoos beautiful or ‘bumper stickers’?

Posted on 15 Jun, 2012

In an interview with Details Magazine, the actor Ryan Reynolds made the difference between ‘beautiful’ tattoos and those that are more like ‘bumper stickers’ for the body while talking about his own inking.

The thirty-five-year-old Canadian actor got his own tattoo fourteen years ago when he was just twenty-one, and he obviously puts it in the bumper sticker category:

“My tattoo is of a cannon in Vancouver that I got in a fleeting moment of stupidity maybe 14 years ago”.

The problem with tattoos is that they are designed to stick around forever, regardless of whether they are beautiful or the result of moments of delusion or stupidity! Many people experience tattoo regret shortly or even immediately after getting their new tattoo, but by then it is too late.

Or, it was until laser tattoo removal was developed and provided a safe and effective way for people to get rid of their unwanted inkings. It is not a magic wand, however, and the length and frequency of the tattoo removal sessions will depend on the type, colour and intricacy of the design.

For those who are living with a daily reminder of their fleeting moment of stupidity, the discomfort and expense will be well worth it, just to see the back of that offending tattoo!