More Celebrities Opt for Tattoo Removal in a Bid to Raise the Style Stakes

Posted on 14 Oct, 2009

A fashion faux pas can not only stay in the minds of fashion critics for what seems like an eternity but can also remain as a part of your persona forever. This does not simply mean a bad choice of outfit- it can be as extreme as tattooing your body with a symbol or name you may later live to regret. Luckily, celebrities can now choose to permanently erase these mistakes using laser tattoo removal.

Tattoos are a lot harder to ditch than ill-advised sunglasses or bags, and a number of celebrities have found that out the hard way. Many plastic surgeons have claimed that women do not find their tattoos as attractive today as they did 10 years ago. This has made the tattoo removal industry more important than ever.

One of the most popular cases of celebrity tattoo removal was of US rapper 50 Cent or as he is very rarely known, Curtis Jackson. In the hip-hop world, a heavily tattooed body is a great way to make an impact. However, when attempting to break into the film industry, actors are required to have an adaptable look. This meant that the rapper had to remove some of his tattoos as they could not be covered up with makeup.

This resulted in the rapper spending hours in laser treatment for tattoo removal. After this procedure, he still retains his “South Side 50” tattoo on his back but managed to capture prestigious roles in movies including “Twelve” and “Jekyll and Hyde”.