The Ultra-Light Derma White and Ultra-Smooth Sea Polish feature in The Jewish Chronicle Wedding Day article

Posted on 12 Feb, 2014

Laser Treatment Clinic’s MARINE SKIN SCIENCE SKINCARE Ultra Light Derma White and Ultra Smooth Sea Polish have been recommended by Journalist Joy Sable, in The Jewish Chronicle. The article is titled ‘Beautifully Romantic’ and focuses on skin care for one’s wedding day. The marine skin science skincare has been featured alongside the classic brand Chanel.

Joy Sable writes:

“If your skin has pigmented scars, brown spots, age spots, freckles or discoloured areas, it may be worth trying the Ultra-Light Derma White, which will help even our your complexion in the weeks before your wedding. Use with the Ultra-Smooth Sea Polish, a micro-fine exfoliating polish, rich in marine earth algae, which removes dead skin cells, leaving skin ready to absorb the Ultra-Light Derma White.”


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