X Factor judge Tulisa greets TV and studio audiences with a signature gesture: she holds her forearm across her chest, exposing the tattoo that is written along the outside oh her arm. The tattoo reads The Female Boss…

While this in itself doesn’t pose any sort of problem, Tulisa has recently launched a new perfume range. Named The Female Boss. This, combined with a filmed segment that mentions her new product and makes a connection with her tattoo, has resulted in a number of complaints being made to Ofcom.

Getting a tattoo as a form of product placement doesn’t seem like a great idea, and when the reason for getting a tattoo isn’t to sound, it can end in a severe case of tattoo regret.

Laser tattoo removal can offer great results on many types of tattoo, causing the ink that is trapped within the layers of skin to disintegrate. This allows the body to absorb and remove the ink particles, and the tattoo eventually fades away.

It is always better, however, to avoid the problem in the first place, by making the decision to have a tattoo very seriously indeed.