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Types of birthmarks and options for removal


Nearly everyone has some kind of birthmark, a pigmentation or discolouration unique to that person. Some people are very proud of their birthmarks and wouldn’t change them for the world, but for others, birthmarks can make life problematic.

Some birthmarks can be very large and visible, especially those on the face and upper body. They cannot easily be hidden or disguised, and many people choose to get them removed. The best way to remove unwanted birthmarks is laser treatment.

Birthmark types

There are several different types of birthmark, such as:

Salmon patch birthmarks (also known as stork bites, macular stains and angel kisses) – faint red birthmarks caused by overgrowth of blood vessels
Port wine stains – deep red/purplish birthmarks which are sometimes very large and can become thick and bumpy with age.
Strawberry hemangioma birthmarks – red and raised birthmarks which can appear anywhere on the body
Moles (also nevus) – birthmarks caused by pigmentation which can appear anywhere on the body
Café au lait spots – common birthmarks caused by pigmentation which can appear anywhere on the body, often getting larger with age

Most of these birthmarks can be effectively treated with laser treatment, but you will have to speak to a specialist to arrange a consultation for your particular case.