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Book A Free Consultation

Talk to a friendly Skin Expert

Laser Skin Care Experts

Welcome to The Laser Treatment Clinic in Harley Street London, founded in 2000. A Multi-Award Winning Clinic with 20 years Experience, we are Specialists in all forms of Laser Skin Care treatment.

Winners of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award for Excellence in Laser Skin Care Treatments 2016. Winners of Dr Schrammek Clinic of the Year 2015-2016 & Winners of Busy Woman Best Cosmetic Clinic Award 2015.

We have carried out over 1/2 million treatments to date, and our 20 years of practice experience enables us to offer you the best, honest expert advice. We offer non-invasive solutions with cutting edge laser treatment and high quality Marine skin care products for all skin types. Treatments we offer include but are not exclusive of Laser Hair Removal, Acne Treatment, Acne Scarring Treatment, Stretch Marks Treatment, Pigmentation TreatmentBlack Skin Care Treatment & tattoo removal

We have become the first choice in laser skin care treatment for many high profile figures over the years, Samantha Cameron, Hugh Jackman, Neve Campbell to name just a few, but the real stars here are our skin experts and laser practitioners who produce unrivalled work to give you healthy beautiful clear skin.

Your First Steps to Beautiful Skin: To book your Free Consultation with our friendly Skin Expert call us Now on 020 7307 8712 or fill the form below. We look forward to helping you!

We are the Official “ The Laser Treatment Clinic “ located at 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD since 2000.


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Marine Skincare

The Laser Treatment Clinic Marine Skincare range contains the finest natural actives, supported by the best science. Active Marine and Botanical extracts from the land and sea, rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Pure active ingredients that work in synergy for unsurpassed benefits to the skin.

15 years of practice and 5 years of research and testing with our chemist later, led to the development of our exclusive Marine Skincare range. An exclusive formulation to benefit our clients with a complete skincare routine, to use with or without treatments for the best skin ever!

Marine Skin Science skincare range is available to buy exclusively here online in the UK, EU and Internationally.

I suffered from ingrown hairs after having my bikini waxed. After having just 6 treatments my bikini area is permanently clear and there are no more ingrown hairs to worry about. I am now having treatment on my under arms and legs. I would recommend this treatment and clinic to anyone. Especially if you’re too busy to waste time and money forever on temporary methods. Ive rated then 5 stars as that has been my experience of the quality of treatment and service I recieved here. I found them to be very professional. Just as you would expect from a harley street clinic providinng these services.

Sophie. London

I suffered greatly from scars and brown marks after having acne. I purchased a course of treatments which I spread out throughout the year. These have helped to remove the scars and marks and the clinic have coupled these treatments with their excellent marine skincare products. My skin is no longer uneven and bumpy looking. My make up applies on better and most of my marks have cleared. My face looks and feels smoother and fresher. I will probably have a couple of top up sessions a year to keep the pores clear and my skin fresh and smooth.

Daniella. London Mixed ethnicity skin type.

I had very bad Acne and after having just one course of the LTC advanced light treatment and marine skin science skincare products my acne was gone. My skin is now permanently clear. The treatment and products are fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from acne. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Thank you to all the staff at the laser treatment clinic for the fantastic results and for being so professional and caring.

Amber. London Caucasion skin type

I’d used their services and I’m more than satisfied with the results. I went there for a birth marks treatment and now there is no sign of the birthmark. The experts will solve your problems. I’m planning to go for a pigmentation removal treatment soon.

Laura Harrison, London

I’m a big fan of the laser treatment clinic. The staff are great and I’m delighted with the results. I’ve recommended the clinic to friends and 2 have had the same treatment and used ultra light derma white as I have for pigmentation and scars with the same amazing results!

Sultana. London Asian skin type

I was born with this dark unsightly Birthmark on the side of my face. It made me very self conscious when I had to face people. I was using a lot of make up to cover it every day, but I was always worried the makeup would wipe off. After only 5 treatments, the Birth Mark is now permanently gone. I am extremely happy with my results.

Ms H. London

I have noticed a significant reduction in their appearance, the stretch marks on my chest were very vivid prior to treatment and now having completed a course of 12 treatments they are almost completely invisible and I am extremely happy with my results. I am now able to wear strapless and low cut tops with confidence which I was never able to do before. I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wishing to treat stretch marks. You can surely expect to see results after time and taking the recommended number of treatments. The staff are also very friendly, they provide you with realistic expectations and advice on how to care for your skin after each treatment.

Joselyn Secker, London

I am currently having laser treatment for the hyper-pigmentation on my both cheeks. During the first course of treatment, I didn’t notice a massive difference. However, after my second course of treatment, I really began to see the return of my normal clear skin, so I decided to carry on to the next course of treatment which I am still currently having. I recommend the laser treatment clinic to each and every one of you who has a similar skin problem.

Emma Clarkson, London

Had a tattoo on a night out with my friends. A permanent mistake, personally and professionaly. So glad that I had it removed at the laser treatment clinic. They are very professional and friendly but importantly also did a great job. Thanks!

Tom. London (Caucasian skin type)

I was so embarrassed with the Scars and Pigmentation marks on my face from old spots and harsh products and on my legs from childhood accidents. I was fed up with using so much concealer makeup on my face and never being able to wear a skirt with confidence. I heard about the Laser Treatment Clinic’s Laser pigmentation lightening treatment from a friend of mine. I had just 9 treatments and used the Ultra Smooth Sea Polish & Ultra Light Derma White as recommended to me and now my skin is beautiful and permanently clear. It was worth every penny.

Dawn. Essex