Thread Veins Treatment

I used to be covered with a network of Thread Veins around my nose and cheeks. I went for a free consultation at The Laser Treatment Clinic, where all the procedures were explained to me. Thereafter my treatments were carried out by their caring and expert staff. After only 6 treatments I saw my skin was clear as it had been ten years earlier. I had excellent results.

M. Kent
Caucasian skin type

Acne Treatment

So excited about my results! My face is clear and glowing and everyone around me is commenting on how much my skin has improved. The staff at the treatment clinic have really made me feel more confident about my skin. I’ve had acne from my teenage years. I find it very uncomfortable and no matter what I wear, I’ve always felt unattractive because of my skin. I am 3 quarters of my way through my treatments and the pimples are far fewer. A lot of the redness has also gone. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.

Dara B
Caucasian skin type

Pigmentation Treatment

I am 24 years old and Asian/Indian in ethnicity. I suffer from post inflammation pigmentation from adult acne for several years and literally have tried a whole variety of topical treatments, prescriptive, lasers etc. Nothing has given me good results. I went to the laser treatment clinic last year and booked 3 Derma white treatment therapy, I was worried as I have sensitive skin how my skin would react. Staff were so brilliant in explaining the treatment, organic natural ingredients, what to expect and more, they were all so brilliant. And hands on heart I can say this was by far the best treatment I’ve ever had for my scarring and acne. I immediately saw result after first treatment, but by the final one my scarring was so minimal I was happy to not even use makeup on my skin anymore. post lockdown I wear masks now 12-13hrs daily so my acne and congestion flared up and I knew just the place to go and have booked another treatment with the laser treatment clinic and am confident my pigmentation will clear up before my wedding next year. Ive enjoyed using their products in particular the marine cleanser I have found so work treats for my skin I have not reacted and it had improved the texture as well. I highly recommend anyone to try this company if your are suffering from any pigmentation or acne concerns.

Sasha Kaur
Asian/ Indian skin type
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