Scar Treatment

I’m beyond happy with my scar removal treatment at the clinic and very pleased with my finishing results. The Staff are very friendly and attentive. I’ll definitely recommend this clinic to a friend or colleague.

M Loma


The proof is in my skin. It’s beautiful, radiant and glowing. Zaheda Skincare products are the only ones I use.


Derma White Treatment

My name is Ayesha Ravat, I am a 38 year old Asian woman.

I have been suffering from high pigmentation for a few years. I came across this clinic through a friend who was in love with the products that the clinic sell.

I booked an appointment and after the 1st appointment I too was in love with them as my scars looked lighter in just 1 treatment. Nothing has worked for me till now. I have tried nearly everything and spent a lot of money.

I used the ‘derma white treatment’ and I’m telling you nothing works better than this and it’s also affordable. I highly recommend this.

I really can’t wait to book my next appointment

Asian skin type

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