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Laser Skin Care Experts

The Laser Treatment Clinic, 1 Harley Street London

A Multi-Award Winning laser skin care clinic in Harley Street London. Established 18 years ago we are one of the first clinics of its kind to offer cutting-edge non-invasive treatments for a wide range of skin concerns. An excellent team of skin care professional offer skin transforming solutions to modern day skin concerns. Since 2000 the clinic has been producing impressive results to fast become the go-to Skin Experts in London. Whatever your skin concern, cutting-edge treatments and science-led skin care work synergistically to achieve more healthy beautiful youthful skin.

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Laser Hair Removal, Acne Treatment, Acne Scarring Treatment, Scar Removal TreatmentStretch Mark Treatment, Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation TreatmentSun Damage Treatment, Laser Birth Mark Removal and our Exclusive Derma White Treatment for darker skin problems


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ZAHEDA® Skincare

ZAHEDA® Skincare offers truly innovative, award-wining skincare that delivers beautiful glowing more youthful looking skin.

ZAHEDA® Skincare is the evolution of 20 years expertise by Skin Expert Zaheda Hafez, in collaboration with leading cosmetic scientists to bring you powerful results driven science-led formulations.

High levels of superior marine and botanical actives work synergistically in these carefully curated formulation to give you maximum results with minimal effort. “I believe above all beautiful skin starts with superior skin care and a simple daily routine. Simply follow our 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule to beautiful skin…" Zaheda Hafez Founder & Skin Expert


Choose 3 products from ZAHEDA®Skincare range

One Cleanser, One Exfoliator & One Moisturiser

Simply Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise. Twice a day.

See Visible Results Immediately!

I have been attending the laser treatment clinic and have 2 treatments left for the dark lip treatment. I have been getting treatments done every 2 weeks under the lovely guidance of my consultant Davina. Words can not express how grateful I feel that I chose to come to the laser treatment clinic for my treatment. I came as a result of having really dark lips, a condition that affects most African/Caribbean men and women. Almost 2 months into my treatment and I have the pink over taking dark/black on my lips. It has boosted myself confidence a great deal and won’t be needing lip stick to hide my lips. Davina my consultant had been great talking me through the treatment, listening to my needs and overall just lovely with a friendly down to earth personality. I can’t wait to see full results at the end of my treatment in a months time. I would definitely recommend the laser clinic to anyone with dark lips as an issue .

Jane Elsie. London

I suffered greatly from scars and brown marks after having acne. I purchased a course of derma white treatments which I spread out throughout the year. These have helped to remove the scars and marks and the clinic have coupled these treatments with their excellent marine skincare products. My skin is no longer uneven and bumpy looking. My make up applies on better and most of my marks have cleared. My face looks and feels smoother and fresher. I will probably have a couple of top up sessions a year to keep the pores clear and my skin fresh and smooth.

Daniella. London Mixed ethnicity skin type.

I had very bad Acne and after having just one course of the Marine Fluid Laser treatment and products my acne was gone. My skin is now permanently clear. The treatment and products are fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from acne. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Thank you to all the staff at the laser treatment clinic for the fantastic results and for being so professional and caring.

Amber. London Caucasion skin type

The Laser Treatment Clinic is better than a place full of melting warm milk chocolate layering on more chocolate and chocolate puff pastry. I am writing to give you a taste of how the treatments and the people working there are going to get rid of your external issues which actually become internal and affect your everyday life, limiting you in what you really are and would like to be. I won’t go on with the feeling as you know what I am talking about, but must underline I have been suffering from acne since the past 10 years or more trying everything, the money I wasted on all sorts of things, products treatments etc never achieving any kind of result but actually increasing my insecurity. Do not go any further in you research as you found your place and solution. Supporting you through the whole treatment its just amazing what I got from these people, not only the treatments are the best thing and cured my problem but also all the staff are amazing!

Giulia Labombarda, London

I’m a big fan of the laser treatment clinic. The staff are great and I’m delighted with the results. I’ve recommended the clinic to friends and 2 have had the same Derma White treatment as I have for pigmentation and scars with the same amazing results!

Sultana. London Asian skin type

This place is amazing. Excellent service and the staffs are always very friendly and professional. The staff make you feel at ease. I could see an improvement after 3 treatments and I would recommend this place to anyone that Has a problem with their skin. Definitely worth the price! And they also do great discounts!

Heidi B. London

I had stretch marks on my chest and have noticed a significant reduction in their appearance. The stretch marks were very vivid prior to treatment and now having completed a course of 12 Marine Boost treatments they are almost completely invisible and I am extremely happy with my results. I am now able to wear strapless and low cut tops with confidence which I was never able to do before. I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wishing to treat stretch marks. You can surely expect to see results after time and taking the recommended number of treatments. The staff are also very friendly, they provide you with realistic expectations and advice on how to care for your skin after each treatment.

Joselyn Secker, London

After failing with other clinics, I came across the laser treatment clinic on Google as I had some dark pigmentation on my feet. So far I’ve only had 4 Derma White Treatment sessions but the results have been amazing and I would highly recommend it. The staff are really well trained, exceptionally kind and advised me thoroughly throughout my whole treatment. I would definitely recommend booking a treatment here.

T Kbz, London

Had a tattoo on a night out with my friends. Was a big mistake, personally and professionaly. So glad that I had it removed at the laser treatment clinic. They are very professional and friendly but importantly also did a great job. Thanks!

T. London (Caucasian skin type)

I was so embarrassed with the self inflicted Scars on my arms and legs. It really effected my confidence. I heard about the Laser Treatment Clinic’ Marine Boost Treatment from a friend of mine. I had the 12 treatments as recommended to me and now my skin looks beautiful again. It was worth every penny.

Ms D. Essex