How We Treat Hyperpigmentation In Black And Asian Skin

Posted on 17 Apr, 2024

Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we specialise in providing expert skin treatments to Black, Asian and Arab skin tones. We offer a variety of treatments, both laser and non-laser to treat a wide range of common skin concerns, one of which is hyperpigmentation. 

If you have hyperpigmentation and wish to find an effective solution, this blog post is for you.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its colour, is overproduced, resulting in dark patches of skin. This can happen for various reasons, including: sun exposure, inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, changes in hormones, and some medications. Hyperpigmentation can often cause aesthetic concern and impact the individual’s self-confidence. 

This skin condition primarily affects those with dark skin tones, as there are already higher levels of melanin in the skin. This means that those with Black, Asian and Arab skin tones are more susceptible to developing hyperpigmentation spots, especially when the individual has an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema, or fluctuating hormones. 

Laser treatment as an effective solution

Laser treatment is the most effective and sophisticated method in reducing hyperpigmentation in Black, Asian and Arab skin. Laser therapy works by targeting melanin deposits that cause hyperpigmentation, without affecting the surrounding skin. Below are some of the following reasons as to why laser therapy is a fantastic solution for hyperpigmentation.


Advanced laser technologies that we use here at The Laser Treatment Clinic are incredibly precise, allowing our team to target hyperpigmented areas with high accuracy. This precision is crucial for protecting the healthy, surrounding skin, which is essential for those with darker skin tones that are prone to further pigmentation issues if the skin gets irritated or damaged.

Minimal downtime

Laser treatment has a surprisingly quick recovery time, around two weeks for most. This however, depends on the individual. Many people who receive laser treatment find they can return to their regular activities soon after treatment, making it a convenient option for many.

Long-lasting results

Laser treatment can deliver effective, and long-lasting results for those struggling with hyperpigmentation. By targeting and eliminating the pigment, laser treatment can result in a more even skin tone.

For more information about how our laser treatments can treat hyperpigmentation, and other treatments we offer for hyperpigmentation do not hesitate to contact our team today. We can answer any questions you may have.