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Sun Damage

As the skin ages and sun light damages the skin, sun spots/brown spots will appear on sun exposed skin such as the face, neck, chest and the backs of the hands. These pigmented patches are caused by an increase in melanin production. To protect itself from the damaging effects of the sun you skin increases its production of the dark brown pigment called melanin. The extra melanin makes your skin look darker or sun tanned. In some cases the skin causes and increase in skin melanin production which produces irregular colouring of the skin. The sun can also cause small blood vessels giving your skin a mottled reddish appearance.

Sun damage can affect the colour and condition of your skin. Skin cells give your skin colour by making a substance called melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production and the texture of your skin. Some sun damage disorders affect just patches of skin. Others affect your entire body.

Sun damage usually is a temporary condition if treated with the right treatment and products.

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