Derma White Treatment

The laser treatment clinic… well what can I say. I have African black skin FYI. I’m a very honest individual and I hardly review anything so here is my experience: I originally went there 2016/17 and saw a major difference to my skin after having terrible acne for years. It really worked for me. I then took a very long break had a baby in between and let’s just say my hormones kicked in and my skin went to the worst state it’s ever been. I ran back to the laser treatment clinic and booked three sessions for their latest treatment which I believe is called Derma white the colour of it is green and it’s a scrub they massage on your skin. Not the most comfortable procedure but the girls there are very lovely always ask how your feeling. I mean pain is beauty right? Anyways three sessions later and for the first time ever in my life I gave ALOT of people complimenting my skin. I’m deeply satisfied and although my skin has improved il be still going for time to time for maintaince as I love the glow it gives. The creams/ cleanser are must!! For you to see results. Patience is a virtue. To be honest from the first treatment I saw a major difference but of course everyone’s skin is different. I recommend to the maximum!! Having good skin is vital! No need to hide behind all that makeup 🙂 laser treatment is the TRUTH! 5 Stars!

Tracy Nwabueze
Afro-caribbean skin type

Acne Treatment

The Laser Treatment Clinic is better than a place full of melting warm milk chocolate layering on more chocolate and chocolate puff pastry. I am writing to give you a taste of how the treatments and the people working there are going to get rid of your external issues which actually become internal and affect your everyday life, limiting you in what you really are and would like to be. I won’t go on with the feeling as you know what I am talking about, but must underline I have been suffering from acne since the past 10 years or more trying everything, the money I wasted on all sorts of things, products treatments etc never achieving any kind of result but actually increasing my insecurity. Do not go any further in you research as you found your place and solution. I had my first consultation with beautiful Becca, she is simply gorgeous, guiding you through all the steps and finding the solution which best suits the situation. I had 6 sessions of advanced Peel with the lovely Georgina, she is just special, supporting you through the whole treatment just amazing what I got from this people, not only the treatments are the best thing I had to cure my problem but also all the staff is amazing. I must mention another name as you must know everyone is going to hold your hand while you undergo your treatments. Safia, guiding you for your after care, supporting you, she has everything under control! they are all so wonderful and I am so grateful I wish I could go on forever as the results are impeccable. The products as well are going to be fundamental for you to use as there is nothing else as effective as this! I mean it.

Giulia L.
Caucasian skin type

Ultra Light Derma White Cream

I was so embarrassed with the Scars and Pigmentation marks on my face and legs. It is such a problem when you have dark skin. I was fed up with using so much concealer makeup on my face and never being able to wear a skirt. I heard about The Laser Treatment Clinic from a friend. I had 9 treatments of the Microdermabrasion & Laser treatment and used ultra light derma white cream as recommended to me and now my skin is permanently clear. I have to say i did have to be patient and did not see the final results until i completed my course of treatments. But it was worth every penny!

Dawn W
Afro-caribbean skin type

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