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Hyperpigmentation Treatment in London

Established in 1999, we have over 22 years experience at our Harley Street clinic so you can feel assured, you are in safe hands.

We are the only Hyperpigmentation Experts specialising in Asian & Black African skin since 1999. Our Harley Street clinic has been the Go-to Skin Experts for Asian, Black African and Arab skin over 20 years, where we have successfully treated over 2,00,000 clients to date.

We offer the Award-Winning Derma White Treatment, which safely and effectively lightens skin that has Hyperpigmentation, Skin Pigmentation, Acne Spots, Acne Marks, Blemishes and Uneven Skin Tone, leaving your skin lighter and brighter permanently.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Most people with darker skin tone find that their face and neck looks darker than the rest of the body. This is not your natural colour but Hyperpigmentation from long term sun exposure, sun damage and sometimes product damage, this can also be an ongoing long-term skin concern from childhood, acne and scars and blemishes. Unfortunately many people with darker skin tones are not aware they are actually just as, if not more sensitive, than people with lighter Caucasian skin.

Not to worry – there is now an easy permanent solution from your Skin Experts; Our exclusive Derma White Treatment permanently clears Hyper-pigmentation on all parts of the face and body including the Face, Lips, Neck, Dark Under Arms, Abdomen, Chest, Back, Legs, Knees, Intimate Areas, Buttocks, Feet and Hands.

If you have any allergies you are requested in your medical history form to let us know before you proceed with the consultation and treatment.

Read more about the Derma White Treatment on the dedicated blog post.

Common Causes of Hyper-pigmentation

• Sun Exposure

• Acne Spots and Blemishes

• Folliculitis

• Ingrown Hairs

• Child-hood Scars

• Psoriasis

• Eczema

• Dermatitis

• Fungal Infections

• Rashes

• Waxing

• Insect Bites

• Scars

• Stretch Marks

• Tribal Marks on face & body

• Skin Inflammation

• Hydroquinone & Harsh Products

As experts in treating Asian & Black African skin concerns, we treat thousands of patients every year and understand the difficulty of finding a specialist clinic with the necessary expert knowledge required to treat darker skin tones with care it needs and deserves.

To find out how our experts can help you, book a free consultation where one of our skin experts who will create a tailor-made skin care plan just for you. Call us now on 0208 012 8582 or Book a free consultation here

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