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Laser Hair Removal

How does the idea of permanently smooth, clear and hairless skin sound?

With the Laser Treatment Clinic you can soon be living that reality. Laser hair removal is a quick, practically painless method of removing unwanted hair, as well as ingrown hairs. Our treatment solves the problem of excess hair on the face and body, and is guaranteed to leave your skin looking incredibly smooth and feeling fantastic.

As the leaders in laser treatments in London, we’ve built our success on reputation. We’re proud to have won the prestigious Best Cosmetic Clinic Award for 2015. It’s the result of having produced consistently safe, professional and high-quality laser hair removal for men and women of all skin types, and we work with a multitude of hair colours.

The medical term for excessive hair growth is hypertrichosis. Whatever term you know it by, the effects of this condition are the same. Anxiety, a diminished quality of life, and low mood, are very common results of a hirsute body.

We have found in our experience in most cases the end results to be permanent and very rewarding for our clients. The Laser Treatment Clinic provides the most advanced laser hair removal London has to offer and since we first starting providing this treatment in 2000, we can honestly say we have not yet had a single person come back to have treatment again on the same area. The results speak for themselves! We offer Laser hair removal treatments for Women & Men of All Skin type’s.

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