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Thread Vein Removal


What Are Thread Veins?

Highly visible and red or purple in appearance, thread veins – medically known as telangiectasia – occur when veins become weak or damaged, leading to a backup of blood as it can no longer be effectively pumped around. Although they common occur as a result of varicose veins, the two conditions are different from each other.

Common Causes of Thread Veins:

• Genetic predisposition
• Temperature changes
• Hormonal changes
• Prolonged sitting
• Prolonged standing
• Obesity
• Inactivity
• Impact
• Trauma

Smoking and alcohol are also considered risk factors, along with sun exposure.

Treating Thread Veins

Although thread veins alone aren’t a health concern, they do present a cosmetic issue that most people would rather have removed. Covering them up is an easy solution in winter but during the warmer months, for many people they can be a cause of anxiety and low self-esteem.

Using the cutting-edge technology, we are able to safely and quickly remove thread veins. Our non-invasive procedures offer permanent results and can be used on the face as well as the body.

For the permanent removal of thread veins, we use the following in-clinic treatments, which allow us to treat deep set thread veins, along with those closer to the surface of the skin:

• Intense Pulsed Light Photo-rejuvenation (IPL)
• Advanced Electrolysis

We also recommend using the following in your home care routine, to complement the treatment you receive in our clinic:

• Marine Fluid Shine Free (skin revitalising serum/booster)

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