I absolutely love The Laser Treatment Clinic. For 2 years I had lost my confidence due to my scars on my face and had to cover up all the time with make-up. After having only 4 or 5 treatments of the medical Dermabrasion I have seen a big improvement to my scars and I am ever so thankful to the clinic for bringing back my confidence. Thanks to The Laser Treatment Clinic I can now confidently go out without having to wear make-up. Everyone at the clinic is very polite and kind. I have had a great experience and service at the clinic for which I am more than satisfied. I adore the products which I have bought from the clinic also as previously products would react on my skin and cause rash and break outs; now I dont worry about all these. I extremely love the Marine Skincare especially the Ultra Smooth Sea Polish and would recommend this to anyone who wants their skin to be smooth and feel fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend The Laser Treatment Clinic to anyone, as the girls there do a superb job and they are all very friendly and provide an extremely good service.