I would highly recommend this clinic for acne treatment. I suffered from very bad Active Acne and acne cyst for many years. After just two treatments at this clinic I noticed such a big difference to my skin .I had tried various different products and treatments in the past, but nothing seemed to work. After hearing about the Laser Treatment Clinic advanced treatments, I decided to try it. After just a couple of treatments my acne started to clear up very quickly.I had great results.

All the laser therapists and consultants have been there for years and are very experienced in laser treatments. This is saying something. The laser therapist treating me was very informative and had about 10 years experience with laser treatment and what i liked was that she was very sympathetic and understanding and she explained everything to me. After 7 treatments I now have perfectly clear skin.

This treatment is the only thing that has worked for me and I tried every thing under the sun for the 6 years before I found this. I was on roaccutane, the pill, glycolic acid products, nothing seemed to work. I would say this treatment had the fastest results with no side effects to worry about. I would highly recommend this clinic for acne treatment.Everyone now tells me how great my skin looks. Thanks Laser treatment clinic! Im happy to recommend you. Its the least i can do.