I started Marine Fluid treatment and Marine Boost treatment to help acne and scarring. After 2 treatments (1x diamonddermabrasion and 1x advanced peel) the results so far have been outstanding and I can not believe how much my face has already improved. The staff not only have been super friendly, they have explained in detail every step of the treatment and what to expect. I was so grateful that they told me realistic expectations and they were absolutely correct to how my skin would respond to the treatment. I thought it was refreshing and calming that they have all had the treatments so know how you are feeling. The Marine skincare is lovely to use as well and completely reasonable prices. I can not recommend the laser treatment clinic enough and I am so happy with the results so far. If this is the improvement after 2 treatments I am excited to see how my skin will look after 7! Thank you to all the staff at the Laser Treatment Clinic!