I had tried every dark spot corrector to fade the stubborn blemishes on the sides of my face. Over the course of about 4 years, I ended up spending a good couple of thousands on correctors and creams from different skincare ranges – Kiehls, Philosophy, Lancôme, Body Shop, Decleor, Bio Oil, the list goes on. I had become a self-confessed product junkie, using products EXACTLY how they instructed to use it day and night or optimum results and switching to a different product/s every three months if I saw no difference. The final curtain call was going into work one day with no foundation on my face due to an exfoliating facial I had the night before, and experiencing the seemingly not so positive reaction with comments ‘your face looks so different’ coupled with the weird stares and I decided enough is enough! Your probably reading this and thinking I’m the vainest person in the world, but I assure you I’m the complete opposite. Many people take for granted that they have clear spot-free blemish free skin and since my early 20s I tried almost everything to achieve this. After spending silly amounts of money trying to eliminate my blemishes, it really began to affect my confidence, because I couldn’t see any significant difference. So I decided to look into non-invasive surgery – I’d come across microdermabrasion, chemical peels, etc before, but was too scared to ever go through with it, for fear of a bad skin reaction. But after trying everything else I was 100% ready to have a consultation with a professional about my skin and the only name that came to mind was Harley Street. After my uncomfortable no-make up scene at work, I booked and attended a consultation on the SAME day (that’s determination for you ha!). at the Laser Treatment Clinic. The dermatologist that took my consultation, was really friendly and informative and answered every question I had about skin. She looked at my skin and decided that the best procedure for me would be the Derma White treatment which consisted of Advanced Peel & Medical microdermabrasion with a course of 9 to 12 treatments for the best results. Plus the Derma White Skin Care Products. I was particularly pleased that The Laser Treatment Clinic specialise in black skin care and by the end of the consultation I booked my first treatment for the same week. My first treatment was with a lovely beautician called Ellis who made me feel really comfortable throughout the whole session and really took the time to explain the process of the treatment. The actual treatment took 15 minutes, pain-free and left my skin feeling smooth so I was really looking forward to doing more sessions. After about 4 sessions, I was told that a different beautician would deliver the treatment, I must admit I was sceptical at first because I’d formed a great relationship with Ellis and hoped that this beautician would be just as friendly and bubbly. I didn’t need to worry though, Charli was super enthusiastic and I quickly realised why Harley Street have the reputation of being the go-to place for treatments, not only for their expertly trained staff but also for the amazing service clients receive during their visit. Back to the main topic – my skin results! I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the results of my Derma White treatment. After 6 sessions coupled with using the Derma White skincare range, I noticed that a most of the blemished area on my cheekbone area had faded and my skin had become clearer, smoother and more even toned. I feel so much better about my skin and now only wear foundation on special occasions, because I feel a lot more confident to wear a light concealer during the day. After speaking to Sophie, another amazing beauty expert I am eager to a similar treatment for my neck area. I can’t wait to experience the results and the end of my 12 sessions and I would recommend anyone with skin concerns to go for a consultation at the Laser Treatment Clinic – you change your life!