The laser treatment clinic… well what can I say. I have African black skin FYI. I’m a very honest individual and I hardly review anything so here is my experience: I originally went there 2016/17 and saw a major difference to my skin after having terrible acne for years. It really worked for me. I then took a very long break had a baby in between and let’s just say my hormones kicked in and my skin went to the worst state it’s ever been. I ran back to the laser treatment clinic and booked three sessions for their latest treatment which I believe is called Derma white the colour of it is green and it’s a scrub they massage on your skin. Not the most comfortable procedure but the girls there are very lovely always ask how your feeling. I mean pain is beauty right? Anyways three sessions later and for the first time ever in my life I gave ALOT of people complimenting my skin. I’m deeply satisfied and although my skin has improved il be still going for time to time for maintaince as I love the glow it gives. The creams/ cleanser are must!! For you to see results. Patience is a virtue. To be honest from the first treatment I saw a major difference but of course everyone’s skin is different. I recommend to the maximum!! Having good skin is vital! No need to hide behind all that makeup 🙂 laser treatment is the TRUTH! 5 Stars!