Posted on 12 Jul, 2021

I am so glad I decided to undergo treatment at The Laser Treatment Clinic. In 2008, I suffered a severe allergic reaction to an underarm deodorant named Godiva Skincare. The product literally burned and peeled the skin on both my underarms off. I was left with severe hyperpigmentation and was told by my GP that this would never go away. I should add that I am of Asian skin type. After 6 or so years of ignoring the side effects and trying off-the-internet tips, I decided to seek a private consultation from the Skin Clinic in Holborn. The doctor who reviewed me prescribed 4% hydroquinone cream which he said would get rid of the pigmentation. I was apprehensive as it was a chemical bleaching product but I gave it a go. Unfortunately, the cream further inflamed my underarms and the years of ‘healing’ went back to square one. I was thoroughly dejected. In May 2015, I came across the Laser Treatment Clinic in Harley Street website and there was a free consultation offer. I rang the clinic thinking it would not hurt to at least talk about my skin problem. I spoke with a nice lady who offered me an appointment that very day after my working hours. I attended and was provided with a very professional and polite consultation by an experienced treatment provider. I was recommended the Green herbal peel x 6 and I decided to purchase this as the price was reasonable and I was happy about the natural products that would be used. In fact I underwent 1 peel that very evening. The treatments did not take too long and after care products were provided. My underarms began to peel the next day and I noticed a marked difference immediately. After 6 treatments, my underarms have improved SIGNIFICANTLY. Although the hyperpigmentation is not completely gone, the appearance is much more even to the rest of my skin tone. I would add that my skin issue was longstanding and severe in nature which is why the pigmentation will never fully go away. The staff at the clinic are very friendly and professional. I was very happy with the flexibility around appointments and I am so glad I decided to undergo treatment.