Posted on 06 Jul, 2021

When I first went to The Laser Treatment Clinic, I had no idea what the treatment involved, as I thought a laser was a red light similar to that used for scanning products in a supermarket. It actually involves putting an object, which looks like the plug of a mobile phone charger over all the face; it’s like a vacuum which gently sucks up the skin, and the result is for the skin to become really smooth. I have had several sessions with Georgina for scars and skin rejuvenation. Georgina has a wealth of experience doing laser treatment, and it’s a privilege to have such an accomplished practitioner performing my treatments. She’s the only one out of all the people I know, and that’s a lot, who asked me how my feet were, after undergoing toe nail surgery a few weeks ago, which just goes to show what a caring and thoughtful person she is; I’ve only known her a few months. Georgina’s a great laugh as well!! I had plastic surgery on a scar, sustained due to a car accident in 1978, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in East Grinstead in 1981, which did pioneering surgery on pilots who were burnt in the Battle of Britain. However, I have never been satisfied with the result of the plastic surgery, so I saw a plastic surgeon at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. He categorically stated that the scar couldn’t be improved. Also, I bashed my head on a coal boiler in my youth, and another plastic surgeon told me that as the scar was through my eyebrow, any treatment would result in losing the eyebrow altogether. Georgina has proved neither opinions to be the case. The Laser Treatment Clinic reaches the parts other treatments cannot reach!! I had an appendectomy in 1976, which resulted in an abscess. The wound had to be left open for 6 weeks, in order to drain the abscess. The surgeon never sewed up the wound, so I was left with an unsightly scar; Georgina’s treating this scar for nothing. You really can’t get better than a Laser Treatment Clinic practitioner!! As Georgina says, the treatment’s an investment, and as the ad states, “because you’re worth it”. The treatment has enabled me to view life with renewed confidence. I thoroughly recommend The Laser Treatment Clinic.