I attended The Laser Treatment Clinic for a number of treatments a couple of years ago and also commenced the continuation of the treatment on the same areas on my back. After my initial series of treatments in 2015 and early 2016 I saw a significant change in the appearance of the scars on my back and shoulders using their medical microdermabrasion and a final peel. The results were gradual but towards the end of my first treatment phase I was very happy with the appearance of my skin on the affected areas and gained some new confidence especially when it comes to the types of clothing I could wear etc.. I have just started a new series of treatments being half medical microdermabrasion & half peels to complete it and get rid of it completely. It’s made a major difference to my scarring and I look forward to seeing the results after my final treatment.
The consultants at this clinic are all very helpful and professional, always making sure to give clear guidance on aftercare and making you feel comfortable in general.
Highly recommend this clinic 🙂