I had stretch mark treatment on my breast and hips at this clinic and had really good results. I started seeing results after 5 treatments and my stretchmarks were completely clear after 12 treatments, i only had two that were a little deep and so took a few more treatments. I was very happy with my results.

The staff were very good and explained the treatment to me. There were a few temporary red scratches (lasted one week) after the treatment but i understood how the treatment worked, peeling layer by layer and the cold laser therapy to rejuvenate the skin and my patience has paid off. I am so happy, as i was so embarrased before when wearing anything that exposed my body especially in summer or on holiday.

I am now having laser hair removal on my bikini, upper lip underarms and the results have been very good.
Want to take my husband there for his back!

I would reccomend them.